Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trekkies 1997

Trekkies is a documentary on Star Trek fans. It follows fans through there everyday life, Conventions, and overall geekness. It shows the clubs they are apart of and how they deal with other people’s thoughts. It shows cosplayers and collectors. The actors of Star Trek also give fan stories they have encountered and how they feel about the fanbase.

This Documentary literally described my life. No joke. It was scary how accurate some things are. I myself am not a Star Trek fan but I am in all sorts of fandoms and this is exactly what we do. We collect things, drawing fan art, go to conventions to see our favorite actors of voice actors, and cosplay (dress up as the characters). Its actually quite fun! What I would have liked seeing was the negative side. For example the bullying most of us get for liking such things, I know now days being a geek is cool, but before hand there were many who looked at fans as being weird and would mock them. That's my only complaint with this documentary. In class we talking about fanfiction and how it’s mostly written by women is there 30s. Which is true in a lot of cases but that has now expanded to more age groups and to more fandoms.

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