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The Life of Little Cassiel. Our Scifi Film

The Life of Little Cassiel

Quick summary:
This is the story of a young girl by the name of Cassiel who fights nightmares. Every time someone in her small town has a nightmare the negative energy is thrown out and manifests into the real world. Little Cassiel is the only one who sees the manifestations of the nightmares. When she was littler she was scared, now they are just apart of her life. Until one day a messenger comes to her telling her it is her destiny to eradicate to manifestations. She then spends most of her time fighting nightmares, until one day a night terror manifests and threatens her brother’s life.

The story will start with Cassiel retelling her first experience with manifestations.
I recall the first time I encountered a Dream. It was around the time I was five, I was playing with some of my dolls when out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving. I stopped brushing my doll’s hair to investigate what had caught my eye. I slowly walked over to my toy chest where I thought I saw it. I looked around that general area not noticing anything, yet not knowing what I was looking for. I started to doubt myself and chalked it up to mind tricks when I saw it. It was a small bunny. It’s easier to describe now that I know what it is. It had a presences and a glow to it. I could see almost sparkles coming off of it. It wasn't solid it was almost transparent and had a smoke quality to it. It was faceless yet I just knew it was a bunny. I was so entranced by it that I didn't expect it to just vanish after the hardcore stare down we had.  It’s one of the best memories I’ve had with these beings since. I also remember my first time I encountered one of those, those things. Its come to my attention recently that they are called Nightmares. It seems…..fitting. I was at a store later the same week as my first dream encounter, with my mother. It was one of the new department stores that had opened in town if I can recall correctly. I was holding onto my mother’s hand walking down one of the isles when I saw it. It was attached to an old man. It was a dark smoky figure of a deformed wolf. It was terrifying I couldn't take my eyes off of it though. The nightmare must have sensed me staring at it and looked my way. When he finally spotted me watching, he just stared awhile and smiled. Not one of those nice smiles grandmas, and older people give you but one of pure evil. It was a terrifying, one that spoke of malicious intent, and even death. I didn't even realize I had been holding my breath until the wolf had broken our stare. I ended up crying right after that.
Then continue on to her present day where she just passes on through life dealing with them.
I saw them everywhere I went after that day. They were in my neighbor’s yards, at school, at the grocery store, and even old man Jensen’s bakery. It was a normal occurrence from then on out to see these, these creatures attached to people or just roaming waiting for a host to come into contact with them. Whenever I saw any detached Nightmares I made sure to steer my younger brother clear of them. At first it was hard to explain to him exactly why I moved him around at random times but after I explained them to him he took it as a game. I went with it, only wanting to keep my brother safe. Other times when I saw Dreams wondering around I would call them over and either direct them to people who had nightmares attached or allow them to stay close to my brother and I. There was always a difference when a Dream was around. You could see a definite change of mood. My younger brother Gabriel was always happier and full of energy, and seeing him like that always seemed to put me into better spirits also.
She tries explaining them to her family but her parents won’t listen. The only one who seems to be entertained by her wild ‘imagination’ is her younger brother. She ends up telling him stories of different manifestations she sees throughout the day. She sticks to telling him about the positive ones that come from dreams, not nightmares. She later notices however how the negative manifestations will latch on to others and suck the life energy out of the host. She also notices how the positive manifestation, also known as dreams, help out or give more energy to the hosts those latch onto. She tries at times to lure positive energy to those affects by the negative ones. Realizing a while ago that the manifestations seem to notice her and interact with her. One day she is visited by a positive manifestation claiming she is the one to protect her town from the Nightmares.
I recall waking up that night, but not why I did. Maybe it was my instincts telling me something big was about to happen. I sat up in my bed and climbed out of bed. I shared bunk beds with Gabriel, but I slept on the bottom seeing as Gabriel wanted the top. I stood in the middle of the room looking out the window expecting something, anything to happen. But nothing came from the window instead I saw movement in my own bed I was scared. I tried to stay quite as to not wake my brother but I did let out a squeak. After years of seeing horrible sights, I was terrified it would be a nightmare. I’ve had a few Dreams show up inside of our house, but never a Nightmare. Whatever was in my covers finally found its way out and I was relieved. It was a tiny kitten. It had its white glow and its signature smoky look and I was happy. It looked over at me and smiled. Well I didn't see it smile but I got the sense that it did. Then for the first time I heard a Dream talk. It said my name. ‘Cassiel!’ I just looked at it.
‘Don't be scared! I’ve come with important news and wont take much of your time! You have been chosen!’ it jumped down to the carpeted ground and walked over to me.
‘Chosen?’ I asked.
‘Yes chosen!’ you are chosen as a Nightreaper!’ It began weaving through my legs calming me down with its contact.
‘What’s that?’ I ask confused.
‘Ones who get rid of Nightmares. They are the protectors of there town.’ The small cat then proceeded to tell my how only a few are chosen to this extraordinary task. It’s funny how when you look back you can pinpoint certain moments in where you life changed.
The manifestation, shaped as a small cat, explains to her how she can harness positive dream energy and shape them as weapons to slay the nightmares. That all she has to do it imagine what shape weapon of choice she wants and believes. The nearest positive energies are then brought towards her and are shaped as she imagined. She ends up trying it out the next day on her way home from school on a smaller nightmare wondering about.
I was walking home alone the next day after my weird encounter with the Dream. My brother stayed home sick, poor thing. I had been debating all day whether the encounter itself was just a dream or if I had imagined it all, but what the heck it wouldn't hurt to try right? I ran into a Nightmare walking crawling around alone on my way home from school. It was in an alley by old man Jensen’s bakery. It had red eyes and was quite small. It looked like a small rat mixed with some sort of possum. I stared at it awhile debating what to do when I finally closed my eyes and just imagined. I went through a few different weapons to use mostly large rat traps but settled on a small wand. When I opened my eyes I thought it hadn’t worked cause I didn't feel any different or seen anything but when I brought up my arm I saw the small white, glowing, Smokey wand in my hand. I was delighted! It had worked! I aimed it at the Nightmare and with one word ‘Boom!’ was able to blow it away with a powerful light. The air gushed around my ruffling my clothing and sending my hair every witch way. It was exhilarating.
She then continues on fighting bigger nightmares till one night her smaller brother has a night terror. It's the biggest enemy she has encountered to date. And it seems to know and mock her because of her close relationship with the Night terror’s creator.
I had just returned from one of my late night hunts when I saw it, a dark presence looming over my house. It was huge and seemed to cast a large shadow over everything. I knew something was wrong. I quickly made my way inside only to find out everything was warped and different. I wasn't in my house I was in a darker version of my house. I ran to my room looking for my brother hoping he was ok but upon entering I realized the whole negative energy was coming from. I saw the hideous Nightmare attached to him but it was different from the others. It looked like there was blood dripping from its open mouth and the eyes were black holes. I froze. I didn't know what to do.
‘Hello little girl’ it greeted me in its distorted voice. ‘How nice to see you my name is Bullbi, I was hoping I could finish my dinner before you came back but it looks like I might have to take a short break.’ It chuckled at me like it had said something funny.
‘Get off my brother!’ I yelled at him
‘Oh dear! Right away right away’ it laughed at me and then was right up in my face. Staring into those dark soulless orbs I was paralyzed with fear. It wasn't like anything I had fought in the past I didn't know what to do. It started to wrap around me and slowly squeeze the life out of my just like a snake would do. I remember blacking out for a few before I regained conscious last minute and manifested a rapier. I stabbed the side of the beast which seem to have be taken by surprise and let me go. Once it realized what I had done it threw me out the window out onto the street. My weapon had vanished so I called another. It was a nice white machine gun. I started shooting at the beast but it didn't seem affected. After destruction of multiple houses and the depleting Dreams to harness energy from it seemed all hope was lost. I was on a timer. I had to save my brother. So in a last ditch effort I gather what strength and Dreams were left and created a portal. It was triangle shaped and glowed in a deep purple. Kind of like the universe pictures ive seen in class. I grabbed Bullbi and threw us both into the portal hoping to whatever power that it would save my brother. That's the last thing I remember.
The night terror laches on to her younger brother and starts to take the energy and life force from him. She then starts the epic battle against, Bullbi, the night terror. After going through most of the positive energy in the small town trying different weapons to defeat Bullbi she takes what little left of dream energy and forms a giant triangle portal grabs hold of Bullbi and jumps into the portal, sacrificing herself to save her brother.

The story is told by Cassiel as she describes scenes through her eyes and how she experienced them so while she is describing and telling you her experiences you will see everything unfold just as told. She tells everything is a past tense.  Like she’s retelling a story. Cassiel is around 10 years of age when she discovers about her role. Her younger brother is about 5 years younger. She is about 4’5 with long black hair.

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Takes place in 2056 where organ failure is a world wide epidemic. GeneCo, a biotech company, emerges as there savior, who provides organ transplants, but at a price. If you miss one payment they send out Repo Men to repossess your organs. Many people are addicted surgery which gets them addicted to a pain medication called Zydrate. The story follows a young girl, Shilo, who has a rare blood disease. Its her adventure in navigating through the lies her father has told her under the guise of protection and how she is intertwined with GeneCo. The whole story of events take place right before the Genetic Opera, where the climax of the story is revealed during the Opera.

The story has a very complicated web relationships and interactions that unfold throughout the movie. For example the Repo man got married to the love of Rotti Largo’s life. Rotti Largo is the owner of GeneCo. The face of voice of GeneCo, Blind Mag, was the Repo Man’s wife’s best friend. She is now under contract to GeneCo because of her eye surgery.

The movie had many themes to it, one was consumerism. It showed how even though purchases of organs and surgeries could mean even death, that people still bought away. How those who truly needed it but couldn't afford, got it regardless whether they knew they were going to get reposed. The rich in the movie are just gross exagerations of of what could happen. How everytime they needed a new liver because they drank so much it was just a surgery away. How they would alter there appearance cause that what was in.

The imagery in this movie is drab and gross. There are dead bodies almost everywhere you look, but that seems to be the norm in this place. That everything has gone done the shitter but at least they still have zydrate and surgeries!

The musical aspect to this is phenomenal! The songs play well with the story and the people they got to sing them are not only great actors but also great singers. I liked the meshing of these two genres. They played really well together!

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

This is the adventure following Bill and Ted, two pretty stupid guys, traveling through time kidnapping famous people so that they both don't fail there history final. They are visited by Rufus who is from the future informing them that if the don't pass there history class and graduate that White Stallion there band will not have established peace for mankind. So Rufus gives them a phone booth (time traveling divise) so that they can complete there project and pass. The movie is quite hilarious and focuses on how famous people through history deal with the modern world. You have comedic scenes such as Beethoven playing electric pianos at the mall, Ganges Khan raiding a sports store and Billy the Kid showing Socrates how to hit on girls. Bill and Ted Eventually make it to there final where they are the stars and pass their final.

The movie has many Rock music references that tie in with Bill and Ted’s love of rock music (even though they suck at playing). Its also a great history lesson, and overall good movie. It has the Idea of Space Travel where they go to the future and past. It has a great message. Where the things you do know affect your life in the future, so give all you got and never give up!

Moon 2009

The story follows Sam a man working on the moon harvesting energy for earth. You learn that he has 2 weeks to go before his three year contract is up. He goes out to one of the harvesters but is distracted by a hallucination and crashes into the harvester. The next scene is of Sam in the infirmary. He wakes up but is to curious for his own good and disregards orders to stay in the base and leaves to investigate his crash site, where upon arrival discovers a body still in the car. He takes the bod home and soon realizes it’s himself, or a clone of himself. When the first Sam wakes up they both start to question there existence and both learn they are just clones of the original Sam Bell. They both find future Sam clones and find out what happened to past Clone Sam. Near the end of the movie First Sam calls his wife and finds out that she is dead and that his infant daughter is really fifteen now. After coming to terms that he is not really Sam and that he is dying he help Second Sam to go to earth.

The movie had an interesting way of showing clones. They explain that not all Clones are the same. They develop differently and are essentially different people. They only consistency among the clones are that they look the same and are implants with the same memories. The movie shows homage to previous movies such as blade runner and 2001 Space Odyssey. For example Gerty the robot in Moon is like the one in the Space Odyssey, except much nicer and not evil.

Catching Fire 2013

Catching fire is the sequel to The Hunger Games. It is based off of Suzanne Collins’ trilogy. It follows Katniss Everdeen through her second Hunger Games, which happens to be the 75th annual quarter quell. Where the circumstances have been changed. In this Hunger Games the people to be reaped from was from the existing pool of Victors, those who have already one the Hunger Games once. Peeta having volunteered himself to be with and protect Katniss is a main focus for Katniss. She begs he mentor Haymich to focus everything on him and not her. The movie goes through much of the same as the first one where they so the chariot rides and interviews. During Katniss’ interview she is shown as the mocking bird, A sign to the rebeliion, where up to this point in the movie is shown a bit and talked about. The different districts are rising up against the capital and against their oppression. Once in the Clock Arena Katniss and Peeta team with Finnick and Mags tributes from 4, Johanna a tribute from 7 and Nuts and bolts as they are referred to in the book tributes from I believe 5. They survive through the games until Katniss at the very last moment takes the wire that's wrapped up on the lightning tree and shoots it up in into the force field and Shatters it. Allowing ships from district 13,a district believed to have been destroyed, to come rescue her. The movie ends up with her finding out the Peeta has been taken to the capitol.

Catching fire itself is ultimately a segway between The Hunger Games and the third book MockingJay. It was a way to tie those two books together. You see the first inklings of the rebellion and see more clearly how President snow runs everything. It's a dictatorship that should be ended. What is different with this story is that we have a female heroin. She is the one who will take down the capital and ultimately President snow. As for Katniss being a strong female protagonist I just think that's a bunch of bologna. She is always following orders from others to protect her family. She is selfish and overall mostly just trying to get through life. She is pushed into the positing as the Mocking Jay. She didn't go there willingly she just happened to make a splash in her first reapings.
As for it being a book adaption? It was spot on. There will always be things that will need to be changed whether it be for financial issues or time constraints the movie will never be 100% the book. Catching Fire though was one of the closest adaptions to the book. It was amazing from a fans point of view.