Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Takes place in 2056 where organ failure is a world wide epidemic. GeneCo, a biotech company, emerges as there savior, who provides organ transplants, but at a price. If you miss one payment they send out Repo Men to repossess your organs. Many people are addicted surgery which gets them addicted to a pain medication called Zydrate. The story follows a young girl, Shilo, who has a rare blood disease. Its her adventure in navigating through the lies her father has told her under the guise of protection and how she is intertwined with GeneCo. The whole story of events take place right before the Genetic Opera, where the climax of the story is revealed during the Opera.

The story has a very complicated web relationships and interactions that unfold throughout the movie. For example the Repo man got married to the love of Rotti Largo’s life. Rotti Largo is the owner of GeneCo. The face of voice of GeneCo, Blind Mag, was the Repo Man’s wife’s best friend. She is now under contract to GeneCo because of her eye surgery.

The movie had many themes to it, one was consumerism. It showed how even though purchases of organs and surgeries could mean even death, that people still bought away. How those who truly needed it but couldn't afford, got it regardless whether they knew they were going to get reposed. The rich in the movie are just gross exagerations of of what could happen. How everytime they needed a new liver because they drank so much it was just a surgery away. How they would alter there appearance cause that what was in.

The imagery in this movie is drab and gross. There are dead bodies almost everywhere you look, but that seems to be the norm in this place. That everything has gone done the shitter but at least they still have zydrate and surgeries!

The musical aspect to this is phenomenal! The songs play well with the story and the people they got to sing them are not only great actors but also great singers. I liked the meshing of these two genres. They played really well together!

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