Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Things to Come 1936

Starts off with the prospects of war. Once the war starts it lasts for about 90 years, sending into some sort of Dark Age. The film focuses on a town where a Chief warlord has taken control. One day Cabal lands near the town on a very weird looking plane, claiming to want to unite the world through ‘Wings over the World.’ After much resistance they eventually agree and that plunges the society into a more utopian society, where technology is very heavily present. The people start to get restless and try to attack the Moon Gun, that was suppose to send the Daughter of the heard Chief and her love interest the Son of a high commander, to the moon and back. They are able to send the two of them off before the mob gets there.
The movie is of its time. It had the great long monologs throughout the story describing everything happening. It was also very long and seemed to never end. At times where you thing the movies is going to end it just starts up another act. The movie also touches on the fact the technology always prevails and will become important. How the future will be only science and that reasoning is the way. There are really no hints of religion or anything of the sort.

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