Tuesday, December 10, 2013

THX 1138 1971

The world depicted in George Lucas’ THX1138, is a dystopian one. Everything is clean, orderly, and white, so white. Everyone looks the same and acts the same; in fact they are just a series of numbers and letters to the authorities. They are given drugs to control their feelings and desires. They all have the same religion, which happened to be tied in with consumerism and its kind of creepy. THX 1138 is the protagonist of this story. You learn that he works with fixing the guard bots (Robot officers).  You learn in the beginning of the movie that LUH 3417 who is his roommate has been switching out THX 1138’s no-emotion pills. He then starts developing feeling for his roommate and sexy times ensue. Through carful monitoring the authorities discover that he is off his meds. They take him away and lock him up in an all white room. Now this room has no walls or a ceiling. It is an infinite space. They force him on the drugs again and then send him to face his trial. During his trial he is convicted guilty. After the trial they send him to another white room, only difference is that others who have committed crimes are there also. He meets up with SEN, the man he turned in for something similar. They both decided to run away into the white abyss and try to find a way out. While in their endless journey through the abyss they meet SRT 5752 a program who is lost. They all eventually get out and the guard bots catches most of them. THX are the only one who escapes the guard bots and mutant monkeys and the movie ends with him on the surface looking at a sunset.

I found that this version of a dystopia to be very unique. Usually in most dystopias the colors are drab and in this one everything is white. There is a presence of high tech throughout the whole movie, which continues to point out how they never have a moment to themselves. It's a classic ‘big brother is watching.’ They consumerism is a big but yet overlooks part in the movie. In the beginning you learn that they are required to buy something everyday. I think Lucas was trying to point out how now days its seems like consumerism has taken over our lives.
One thing I didn't seem to agree with the movie was the presence of those mutant monkey. They came out of nowhere and were not necessary to the plot. I know this was his vision from the start but he should learn when to stop.

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