Tuesday, December 10, 2013

La Jetee 1962

The story begins with a young boy in Paris witnessing the shooting of a man while planes take off. The story then fast forward to when the boy is now a man and WW3 is in affect. The man is a prisoner of war and ia used o for scientific experiments, mostly those of time travel. He was the perfect candidate because of his strong will and mind. While in the past he meet the women from his memories and soon falls in love with her. Seeing as the past has no answers as to how to stop the suffering because of the war he is then sent to the future, where people present him with a power source. After obtaining the information for his captors, they plan on killing him. The people from the future offer him a place with them but instead he asks to be sent to the women he fell in love with. So he is sent and just as he Is about to reach her he is shot by one of the scientist who also traveled back in time. Upon dying he realizes that he was the man he witnessed being murdered as a child.
This film was unique in a way that it was all photos and still shots roped together to give it a feel of a movie. It was quite unique and it worked really well. The sounds flowed well with the pictures and were timed in that manner that wouldn't have worked if done differently.
One of the things I saw was how the life was a circular pattern or ran on a circle. You live and you die no matter if you time travel or not. And that maybe we are on an infinite loop? You see in the story now the kid will grow up having witnessed the killing and then repeat his life all over again. Coming back to the same day he dies and his younger self-witnessing it. It’s quite fascinating. 

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