Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

This is the adventure following Bill and Ted, two pretty stupid guys, traveling through time kidnapping famous people so that they both don't fail there history final. They are visited by Rufus who is from the future informing them that if the don't pass there history class and graduate that White Stallion there band will not have established peace for mankind. So Rufus gives them a phone booth (time traveling divise) so that they can complete there project and pass. The movie is quite hilarious and focuses on how famous people through history deal with the modern world. You have comedic scenes such as Beethoven playing electric pianos at the mall, Ganges Khan raiding a sports store and Billy the Kid showing Socrates how to hit on girls. Bill and Ted Eventually make it to there final where they are the stars and pass their final.

The movie has many Rock music references that tie in with Bill and Ted’s love of rock music (even though they suck at playing). Its also a great history lesson, and overall good movie. It has the Idea of Space Travel where they go to the future and past. It has a great message. Where the things you do know affect your life in the future, so give all you got and never give up!

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