Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951

A flying saucer land in Washington DC revealing a huge robot and a humanoid type creater, out of fear a soldier ends up shoot Klaatu the humanoid. While in the Hospital Klaatu tries to give out his message to Earth’s leaders, but no one will listen. After recovery Klaatu begins his quest on how to give out his message, this is where he runs into Jacob Burnhardt who helps him by giving him an audience with other fellow scientists. Military ends up revealing Klaatu’s identity find and then kill him. Gort the Huge robot takes Klaatu’s body and revives him in there ship. Having given his message to the scientists Jacob tells them of Klaatu’s ultimatum where they are allowed to join the Confederation of Planets only if they tame there violence, or if they cant become more peaceful they are to be eradicated before they affect other worlds.
There’s a very clear message in this movie where violence is never key. That maybe if we talk things out more there will always be a more peaceful outcome, that instead of shooting first and asking later that maybe we should reverse the roles. The world in the way it is headed will just destroy itself.

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