Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Planet of the Apes 1968

The movie takes place in the year 3978 AD. A group of astronauts, who have been traveling for about 2000 years, crash on an unknown world. Those who survived travel till they find an oasis. While relaxing some notice something stealing there stuff. They give chase to the robber and are captured and some killed by Gorillas riding horseback. They end up killing all but Taylor, who is kept as a science experiment. Taylor eventually convinces a psychologist names Zira that he is in fact intelligent. She tells the other and convinces him that Taylor is smart and knowledgeable but hey still plan on killing him. So Zira, her fiancĂ© Cornelias and her nephew Lucius, help Taylor escape by taking him to the forbidden zone. During escape they are being followed by the gorilla’s forces and fighting ensues! Taylor being smart and stuff captures one of the head gorillas and bargains for food, water, guns, etc. after acquiring his supplies he boas off into the distance running into the Statue of Liberty, where the audience and Taylor realize that they had crashed on planet Earth.
The main thing I got from this movie is how humans are less and disliked by the apes. They find them to be stupid and overall useless. But what’s funny is how the Apes have technology that is out of date and not that great. But it makes you think, that while the apes where developing and evolving with time that humans weren’t. 

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