Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ender's Game 2013

Ender’s Game follows a young boy who saves the world. As young kids they are monitored to see if they will be able to go to the military academy and train to be commanders. Ender is picked for is innovative thinking and sent to military school. Where he works with others his age and train to fight Buggers (book term), who are aliens that attacked the earth in the first Great War. Ender rises through the ranks and is chosen to be the next great commander that will lead earth into battle. During his training he plays ‘games’ that are suppose to test his responses in certain battles. His final exam is the ultimate battle. Where he wipes out the whole bugger race. He finds out shortly after that none of those practice and testing scenarios were what they seems. He was actually fighting Buggers in real life. He also comes to realize that the Aliens didn't want to fight and were a peaceful race, that they were only defending what was left of a great species. Ender takes the last alien queen egg that he found and goes into space seeking to revive the species he killed.
This movie tells a lot of how we view ourselves. That humans are the ultimate race and that all other are inferior to us. Take out current day situations with animals, how most people don't care for helping out and preserving the environment to help other species, that only when it starts affecting us that we notice. The aliens in Ender’s game were just looking for water if I remember and happen to stubble upon earth. Where the first time around it was us in the right but after the aliens left we were in the wrong to go after them and eradicate them. It also shows a young boy as the main character, or most of the main characters are young children, how their child like innocence is what we need to save the world? Yes we should start thinking like children when it comes to certain things. They have a very weird sense of right and wrong, that we all need.
Concerning the movie itself it was an adaption of the books. It hit all the main parts that the book depicted and was overall a very good book to movie scenario. A lot of people protested the movie due to Orson Scoot Card’s anti-gay organization.

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