Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dark Star 1974

The story is about the crew of Dark Star coping with boredom after nearly 20years in space. The story follows the last few events that boiler, Talby, Doolittle, and Pinback do. You see how Talby sits in his observation deck, Doolittle reminisces over home and plays his bottle piano, how Pinback has an epic chase scene with his pet alien, and how boiler just does what he wants. When they arrive to there next objective the bomb that was suppose to eliminate is refusing to return into the ship. Dollittle reasons with the bomb throwing life questions and it and making the bomb think. The bomb then returns to the ship but after much thinking detonates within the Dark Star and ends up killing Pinback and Boiler, and sending Talby and Doolittle off into space. Talby merges with the Phoenix Asteroid, which he dreamed to see, and Doolittle is able to once again surf to his hearts content.

This movie was ridiculous. Yet one of the best movies I have ever seen. It was a low budget film and you could tell. The Alien was made out of a beach ball. The space suit’s from part was cupcake trays, and the buttons in central control was ice cube trays. It was ingenious! From what I learned this movie was to be taken serious, but as a result was taken almost more as a spoof on space movies. One of the movie’s themes is coping. You see how they cope with being in space for so long. There room is a disaster but they still talk about girls and play card games, they try to include everyone in convo and are concerned when one of the doesn't talk.

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