Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Godzilla 1954

The movie starts off with several boating accidents taking place. Which leads the citizens of Odo Island to send out more men to help the other ships. After more and more ships get destroyed they employ the help of Kyohei Yamana to take a look. While he is at Odo he does start some test but during those he catches a glance at the very terrifying Godzilla. He returns to Tokyo to report what he has found. Telling them the Godzilla had been awoken due to all the nuclear testing. Later on in the movie Godzilla terrorizes Tokyo. Destroying buildings setting things on fire. Anything to show he is the boss. Seeing as Japan’s military is no use against the giant creature, they come across a weapon able to kill the giant beast! It's a oxygen sucker thing. It kills anything that's in the water by removing the oxygen molecules and killing it by suffocation. Scientist Daisuke Serizawa developed the weapon. During the lasts scenes you see Serizawa sacrifice himself so that the knowledge of his horrible technology never falls into the wrong hands.

Godzilla was the physical representation of a beast that was awoken due to nuclear bombs. Seeing as the movie was created a released shortly after the bombings of japan its stands as a reminder and warning to the world. Saying is Nuclear testing and bombing really worth all the destruction that comes after wards? Just like is keeping Godzilla alive really worth all of our towns being burned down? The answer is No, its not worth it. It also brings up the point where are all the weapons we develop no matter how dangerous they are needed? Just like the Oxygen eliminator needed? While yes the oxygen device did save Japan, the ultimate answer is no, not all super weapons are needed or need to be created.

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