Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Catching Fire 2013

Catching fire is the sequel to The Hunger Games. It is based off of Suzanne Collins’ trilogy. It follows Katniss Everdeen through her second Hunger Games, which happens to be the 75th annual quarter quell. Where the circumstances have been changed. In this Hunger Games the people to be reaped from was from the existing pool of Victors, those who have already one the Hunger Games once. Peeta having volunteered himself to be with and protect Katniss is a main focus for Katniss. She begs he mentor Haymich to focus everything on him and not her. The movie goes through much of the same as the first one where they so the chariot rides and interviews. During Katniss’ interview she is shown as the mocking bird, A sign to the rebeliion, where up to this point in the movie is shown a bit and talked about. The different districts are rising up against the capital and against their oppression. Once in the Clock Arena Katniss and Peeta team with Finnick and Mags tributes from 4, Johanna a tribute from 7 and Nuts and bolts as they are referred to in the book tributes from I believe 5. They survive through the games until Katniss at the very last moment takes the wire that's wrapped up on the lightning tree and shoots it up in into the force field and Shatters it. Allowing ships from district 13,a district believed to have been destroyed, to come rescue her. The movie ends up with her finding out the Peeta has been taken to the capitol.

Catching fire itself is ultimately a segway between The Hunger Games and the third book MockingJay. It was a way to tie those two books together. You see the first inklings of the rebellion and see more clearly how President snow runs everything. It's a dictatorship that should be ended. What is different with this story is that we have a female heroin. She is the one who will take down the capital and ultimately President snow. As for Katniss being a strong female protagonist I just think that's a bunch of bologna. She is always following orders from others to protect her family. She is selfish and overall mostly just trying to get through life. She is pushed into the positing as the Mocking Jay. She didn't go there willingly she just happened to make a splash in her first reapings.
As for it being a book adaption? It was spot on. There will always be things that will need to be changed whether it be for financial issues or time constraints the movie will never be 100% the book. Catching Fire though was one of the closest adaptions to the book. It was amazing from a fans point of view.

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